Villa Management

Your house, our ship

“The art of being a sailor is to leave nothing to chance”

Save Money

Don´t waste a single penny for mishandling your resources. We take care of the bills and report the results to you.

No Worries!

We supervise and select the rigth people take care of your property. We create personalized manuals for teams and guest.

Hello, Guest

The first rule is to make you feel comfortable in your property. The second one is make feel your guest in the same way.

Always Foresees

If something is broken, dirt or need be fixed we would know before you notice. We have the tools and we know how to use them.

We know Los Cabos like the palm of our hand. Where you are we will go


The leyend is true. But they tell it better than we do

Owners reviews

The difference with Polo is just how easy everythings is. Property Management can be so confusing and stressful and Polo just takes all that away

Sean & Dorothy Turner

Casa Karma / Owners

For maintaining a house you need more than chek up every time you visit. You need a full-time chek up and Polo knows how to do that


Casa Costa / Owners

I found Polo a few years ago and I am delighted. They know how to take care of the small details of my house and assist me exceptionally whenever I visit it


Casa Mar / Owners

polo hospitality

Our tripulation, are ready to assist you
The roughest and most skillful crew

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